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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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What We Do

Keep Natick Beautiful is proud to be one of the first affiliate towns to be selected by KMB.  In recognition of its efforts thus far: multiple town clean-ups along streets and public venues to open space and trail clean-ups along the Cochituate Rail Trail.  We continue to maintain various recycling and trash bins around town, as well as other beautification efforts.  Keep Natick Beautiful has been identified and chosen to set a standard for what other participating KMB communities in Massachusetts can accomplish.

We serve as one of the many chapters of the leading national nonprofit, Keep Massachusetts Beautiful.  Our mission is to educate people about the importance of recycling, end littering, waste management, and incorporating every day beautify to their environment. 

Make an Impact


Great Town Clean-Up

Participate in this year's Great Town Clean-Up by visiting our "Events," and filling out a volunteer form.  We look forward to coming together in our biggest challenge.


Nominate a Business

We publicly recognize local businesses for their beautification efforts.  Businesses that make an everyday effort is what it's all about!


Litter Clean-Up

Start incorporating litter clean-up in your daily walks, and to make things easier, we will ship you a clean-up crew kit! Make clean-up a habit, every piece of trash counts.


Town Trash & Recycling

The town of Mansfield contracts with Waste Management to provide weekly curbside trash and recycling pickup.


Adopt a Spot

This program involves creating flower beds, planting flowers and shrubs, and maintaining public sites through the growing seasons.

Plant Shed

Garden of Hope & Peace

Make sure you stay up to date with all of our programs by visiting our "Events," or contacting us.


Our mission is to inspire and educate volunteers, government leaders, and the business community to work together to make Natick clean, green, and litter-free.
To achieve this goal, we need people like you to get involved and take action. People who are passionate about protecting the natural beauty of our home, living a more sustainable lifestyle, and educating the next generation of environmental stewards to do the same.


Upcoming Events

Join the latest FUN with our events.  We will keep you update-to-date with our gatherings, donations, and more!

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